THE CLIENT. Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki is a brand that needs no introduction. A hotel that has earned great reputation not only in the city, but also in the wider Southeastern Europe, has repeatedly achieved distinction for its excellent services, offering high-quality accommodation experiences and being an indisputable choice in the hospitality industry.

THE TASK. On behalf of Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki, we were invited to run a project with special requirements: a semi- annual magazine, a publication with a broad content, in the concept of a coffee table magazine, distributed in the hotel rooms and premises, aspiring to be a reading companion to customers and visitors. We employed all our creative forces in order to give life to a publication as special as the brand it represents. This is how Welcome was born.

WELCOMING …WELCOME! With a name constituting a genuine welcome for every visitor and every reader, Welcome welcomed us too, in the same warmhearted way. It is a project we embraced since the first editorial and we continue to serve with love, passion and inspiration.

The demands were high: We were asked to fully set up a magazine, to organize the material, to edit the content, to design, to promote -in order to make it commercially viable- and to print, watching it successfully reach its destination. : the heart of its demanding reading public.

Keeping in mind the brand we work for at every step of the way, we designed the magazine featuring the appropriate elements. The edition is high-end, meticulously designed down to the smallest detail, classy and elegant. The topics are organized each time based on both the possible expectations and interests of the Hyatt audience, as well as on seasonal targeting.

Through a variety of topics, an effort is made to create a kaleidoscopic reading experience, which allows the reader access to different aspects of city life but not exclusively that: culture, gastronomy, arts, business, travel, interviews, market trends and fashion editorials form the backbone of Welcome.

Already counting #35 issues, Welcome continues its own exciting journey on the Hyatt side of life and has succeeded in becoming an integral part of the hotel stay experience.

A kaleidoscopic reading experience: different aspects of city, culture, gastronomy, arts, business, travel, interviews, market trends and fashion editorials.