Visual IdentityMOMus “PhotoBiennale Thessaloniki 2021”We were honored to be commissioned by Momus to design the visual identity of the PhotoBiennale 2021. Soti Tyrologos’ work became the vehicle for building and developing this identity, which aimed attention at portraying the distortion of truth in the contemporary world of information.
A person staring at the sky through a pair of binoculars… And another one, a distorted, blurred version of the first, and the next one, an even more distorted version of the original… An image that, like information itself, is reproduced and each of its new versions carries a slightly more distorted meaning.
The typographic elements, dispersed and scattered as little pieces of information, sweep in from different points and are integrated in the overall picture. The truths? The typography of the event logo, solid but unstable at the same time, simultaneously of equal and unequal weight, intensifies the sense of distortion. The symbol of speech, bisected, depicts the alteration, the fragmentation of the given information.
The new visual identity has been extended to many applications, creating an environment that aims at successfully conveying the central idea, providing the viewer with stimuli for further reflection. Viewers are exposed to the visual identity and, through a chain of reflections triggered, are in turn asked to evaluate this visual information. The first thought gives birth to a second one and the second to a third. Which of them is true? Once again, the viewers take on the duty to judge, by defining what ultimately seems to be carrying the most weight today: their personal truth.

The distortion of truth in the contemporary world of information.